Gamers Decrypted is a blog managed by me, Noctua. Here I and my fellow guest writers explore our thoughts, theories and tell our stories about everything relating to gaming and gaming culture.

About the writers:

Zealous troublemaker. Lover of books and wine. Sleepless thinker and charmingly inadequate SWTOR player. I can also be found on Twitter @Noctua_GD.

11 random facts about Noctua:
1. My favourite number is 125 and it changes every year on my birthday (in accordance to a schedule I made when I was 7).

2. People say I think too much. How can someone think too much?? I can see how one could think too little.
3. Money and fame Honesty and transparency are the qualities I value most in people I meet.
4. I name my computers. This one is called Ivy.
5. My wildest and deepest desire as a child was to have a secret room that no one but me knew existed. In the absence of such a room (and since my mum could not be persuaded to hire the workers needed to design such a room for me) I once put a little lamp and a chair in a tiny closet where I would read books for hours while people where looking for me.
6. I’m extremely sensitive to bright colours that don’t match… It’s an unwelcomed legacy from my mother who taught me about complementary colour schemes from a very young age.
7. I’m often openly hypocritical. Take this situation for an example; I love asking other people questions but I am easily unnerved by answering them myself. I’m very cagey by nature and even writing these 11 facts about myself is proving a very long and uncomfortable process!
8. I don’t like having much things. I dislike things. Ideally I want to be able to fit all my things into a big suitcase and that’s it.
9. Ivy is my most valued possession.
10. I’m absolutely awful at keeping female friends. (Note to self: ask yourself if this is why you give your computers female names and reevaluate your life as a whole.)
11. One of my favourite things to do is to analyse people I meet and understand what makes them tick. For all the time I’ve wasted on this I am quite remarkably bad at figuring myself out.