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Virtual Friends

I have spent time in gaming environments, and part of that in MMO’s. Playing with others. To quote Phyllis Greenacre If two people are repeatedly alone together, some sort of emotional bond will develop between them. Does this apply to virtual relations? What are these anyway? How much of it, if any, is real?

Often I am surprised how accurate gaming friends can judge me. That’s not for you. Watch that movie, you will like it. Omg, you forgot, of course you did. Spot on. At least some of me shines through. But, there are also gaps with real life and sometimes they pop up in little things. F.e., in game, I am seen as someone who can cook. IRL, in any event ever where I had to bring a homemade dish, I’m questioned about who made it. And eyed suspiciously when I reply that I made it myself.

How much do I colour, do I create while interacting online? (I do that irl too, but I can’t help doing more of it online, right?) Things do happen, though.  Liking some, disliking others. Nightly confessions, sharing, an infatuation, disappointments, getting angry. Real feelings. In that sense it is real.
And connections, emotional bonds, leave traces, and memories.

Not to mention what happens when you meet, and worlds clash.

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Hello, I’m Noctua

Here I find myself, one little night owl in a great big world called the Internet. Though I’ve found my way here many a time before, the world of gaming is still new to me. Maybe that is why my fascination with online gaming and the communities that dwell there was so striking.

Having always taken a great interest in human behaviour and interaction I was intrigued. I often find myself examining people around me, not just in my everyday life, but in game too.

Though a surface can be a beautiful thing, I’ve always found that what lies underneath it is far more compelling. To increase my understanding of people around me and human nature in general has always been a slight obsession of mine. In this blog I will write down my thoughts on everything from gaming to psychology and philosophy. Most likely I will be up typing away in the middle of the night when all decent people are fast asleep in their beds.

That’s me and my story of how I ended up in this little corner of cyberspace tonight. Feel free to comment, say hi or introduce yourself below. Sweet dreams everyone.

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