In Game Whispers – The Player

In Game Whispers” is a series of posts featuring real characters with fake names based on real events.


Lamb: Hiya
Noctua: hey
Player: Hi
Tarras: hello
Player: anyone else sick of kdy?
Lamb: First time!
Player: really?
Lamb: Yeah : )
Player: mate, why are you pulling all that aggro?
Lamb: Sorry I’m new…
Player: i can tell
Player: and dude, youre in wrong stance for tanking btw
Lamb: I’m not a dude! ^^
Player: dudette then
Player: such an unnecessary death
Player: a guard would have been nice lamb
Lamb: Sorry…
Player: yeah you suck at gaming. please tell me you;re at least hot
Lamb: Ehm… I don’t know…
Player: what, you don’t have a mirror?
Noctua: lol is this happening?
Tarras: elite first or we dont get the bonus mission
Player: wtf lamb, bonus first you are absolutely useless
Lamb: Sorry…
Noctua: dw
Player: yeh, dw. send me some pics and i’ll teach you how to game. you need it.
Lamb: You’re a douche…
Player: Add me to your friends list, we’ll chat later and i’ll convince you I’m not;)
Lamb: heh ^^
Noctua: lamb, ignore the idiot
Player: one pic per lesson!
Lamb: nah : )
Player: c’mon babe ; )
Lamb: So sweet : D
Noctua: omg….
Tarras: ok boss fight coming up, behave
Player: hey, it’s kdy. what can happen, right lamb? ; )
Lamb: ^^
Player: gj lamb you only sucked a little that time ; )
Lamb: hehe don’t make me blush!
Noctua: lol, someone tell me this is a joke
Tarras: thx for group
Tarras left the group.
Player: Add me ; )
Lamb: hihi
Lamb: I will!
You left the group.

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