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Guild drama. It is bound to happen. It will happen. Expected or unexpected, in ever changing appearances. It can be entertaining, tiring, frustrating or hurtful. If you are there to witness it, that is.

My luck: drama happened, and I was not around. I picked up traces from different sides; a Death Knight (in the non op days) from the progression team, a good player, had been replaced. Due to his work, he couldn’t play certain months, but he had always kept his place. This time he came back and got kicked. A complete surprise.

Some said he got replaced because the other person was better. (Hard to believe.) Some said it was because he had offended the raid leader. And some speculated it was because he was better than the raid leader.

I didn’t know the Death Knight, nor the raid leader very well. Naturally, that didn’t stop me from forming an opinion. Where was my guildmaster? After hearing all this I wanted to vent. Nobody knew anything about his whereabouts. Knowing that sleep and time can make you stop believing in the importance of drama, I needed to act now and I wrote a vent mail. Fly, emotions, fly!

Slept wonderfully, and almost forgot about it. Until I got a message back. I had apparently alerted his ‘everything you say, will be used against you’ alarm system, because he went all-in defense. Rational and short he explained what happened, why he decided to back up the raid leader, and that his decision was final. His words oozed distance. Didn’t sound like we were friends anymore.

Now what? Suddenly I was a potential enemy, placed in the middle of things. Things I wasn’t even involved in. How to defuse this situation. I wrote back: ‘No need to be serious. I just wanted to say things. Nothing wrong. Ok?’

His reply: ‘Ok…’

The three dots. The dots that add things. Grim things.

I ignored the dots. ‘Ok.’

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