About camping

Camping is one of the few morally wrong things to do in a game. And I like it. I am one. I am a camper.

When Destiny came out, the shotgun was op. So, what you could do was hide, and hit and shoot someone who didn’t instantly notice you. As a camper, you never get away with the same spot for long, of course, the ones you killed know. They will take it personally. Going on a mission to hunt you down. Running to the hide spot, blinded by rage. And, if things work out completely for me, by that time I would have moved to a place where I can snipe my former hiding location. Headshot, baby!

Love that feeling.

Sure, it is lazy. Sure, it is often not helping your team. But it makes things personal. It is in-between fun. And you can have a snack while doing it.

People know your ways and bad traits, though. Especially when the match is not going that well.

‘P, where the fuck are you. What the fuck are you doing?’
‘Getting heavy ammo.’
‘Stop fucking camping.’

In a MMO, when I encounter a camper, or even a group of them, my heart fills with joy. My kind of people! Playing meta games! And it is easy in a MMO to communicate. You can draw attention to yourself by doing the unexpected, or by walking in strange pattern like a true neurotic, or trying to roleplay your way out of exectution. Anything to see if you can get them away from their objective to insta-kill you. And giving you free passage. Preferably combined with an escort.

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