Hey, I’m Canis

Playing computer games is deteriorative, completely useless, devours your time and energy, and it makes you a hopeless addict. The violence shown on screen triggers agression, all the time spent stooped over the keyboard could be put in much better use, and you’ll become so utterly antisocial, that muttering one single sensible sentence at for example the dining table is going to be the worst nightmare ever. You will soon realise you started to measure people’s worth in dps and hps, your biggest dilemma will be to decide whether to be a mage or a warrior, and lag, low fps will become your sworn enemies. This whole thing called gaming is just one oversized black hole anyway, somewhere in the endless labirynth of the universe, which sucks you in with no chance to escape whatsoever.

*insert disk scratch sound*

Woah wait, we have some serious things to discuss here my friend…

So first of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Canis. A realistic dreamer, devoted listener, lover of meaningful silence and metaphores, and a relentless hound hunting sins and secrets. With my fellow gamers, we’re here to show You, that there’s a lot more to gaming than you’d ever imagine. So let us take You on a journey you won’t forget! We’re diving deep, and when I say deep, I mean Mariana Trench, Challenger Deep.

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