Take a seat, and tell me where it began.

“So, tell me, how did you start?” He lit a cigarette and took a sip of his coffee. He was looking at me with genuine interest and curiousity, he really could not understand me. According to him, there’s not many girls around, who do this. Nonsense. I know plenty. It’s not really a big deal. But hey, he travelled quite a lot to meet me here, so I might as well start talking I suppose.

So I told him. I told him, that it’s a very funny beginning, because it was actually my father who gave me the first one when I was 14. He couldn’t possibly know I will get addicted after all. If I wanted to be completely honest though, I tried it first with my cousin when we were twelve. Little kids, knowing nothing about this stuff, but we stayed up late cause we were enjoying it immensely, sometimes even til midnight. We thought we were so cool that time. I didn’t know I’ll come to the state where I usually stay awake until 4-5 in the morning just because it is simply too hard to stop. The guy started to laugh, his eyes sparkling joyfully. For some reason he found my story utterly entertaining. Well, suit yourself man… So anyway, I continued. I said I started lightly, did similar things for like two years, and only on every second weekends. But shortly after that, I needed something new, had to dig in deeper. Soon I found myself doing harder and more complicated stuff, and almost on every day basis. Later, a whole new world opened up to me: I found people with the same “problem” I had. I reached my peek, was doing it almost nonstop, but this time with friends, and damn, it was so much fun!

I felt a smile crawling up to my lips while I was getting lost in a memory. I even told him.

“We combined it with alcohol. We came up with a game for drinking, just to make it even better. I always lost though, and had to drink the most of all. I swear everyone wanted to get me drunk. Conspiracy, it was conspiracy I’m telling you!” I raised a finger in pretended anger. “Oh, I think that was the time when we were up til like 5 in the morning. I remember I was trying my best to sit upright, but my head was hitting the desk from time to time, totally out of my control. I had to wake up in two hours, oh the dread of realizing that!” I laughed as well in this sweet nostalgia. “But the conversations! I swear to you, the best conversations you’ll ever have in your life, happen at the time when the sky is the darkest, just before the birds start singing, greeting the new day. It’s all worth it.”

He ordered beer for both of us, interrupting my train of thoughts. “Again, what was your first?”

“Huh?” I was completely torn out of my daydreaming. “Oh, well if we don’t count my cousin, then it was Final Fantasy VII.”

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