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Sartre’s most famous quote has to be L’enfer, c’est les autres (Huis Clos): Hell is other people. To paraphrase a scene from this book: imagine being locked up with bad and humorless pug’s having to play warzones together eternally. Blame those pug’s! It’s not always delusional to do that. Sometimes it is them.

Yes, according to Sartre, man is doomed to be free, but this being free isn’t easy to grasp nor instantly clear.

To be in bad faith means to deceive oneself. For us, too used to concepts as unconscious and subconscious, to be able to deceive oneself sounds unproblematic, familiar, and this leads to missing the point Sartre wants to make. To be able to deceive oneself, to be capable of bad faith, is not thanks to a subconsciousness who messes with us, it’s not a psychological mechanism. To be able to deceive oneself is thanks to consciousness. Thanks to being human. The possibility lies in the ambiguity of being human: as a human being we are at once a facticity (a real thing in the world, an ‘object’) (our prison) and a transcendence (our freedom).

One way to encounter bad faith is when you make statements about yourself. As soon as you label your personality as something, ‘easy going’, ‘neurotic’, ‘not neurotic’ or any other thing and you ‘believe’ that statement, you act in bad faith; you make yourself static: you are pretending that you are like an object, a thing. Like a table (one of Sartre’s favorite examples) which is round, or square. But you are not like a table. You always escape yourself. Human reality is the reality of a being which is what it is not, and which is not what it is. (Sartre often wrote on speed.)

I would speculate that within Sartrian philosophy, both pills, blue and red, are bad faith; too table-like, too factual, too real, both denying the trancendence part of being human. Sartre loved drugs and experiments though, so if he would have been offered the choice, of course, he would pop both.

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