The Mystery of Ancient Hypergates

As long as I can remember, when you enter an Ancient Hypergates game, people gather up at left. Left is default. Both sides are just as far away, you could go either way. (Like in a Voidstar.) Or you could always go for a split, like in ranked. But no. Left is ‘ours’. Right is ‘theirs’.


In my short career in retail, I was taught that shoppers cruise predictably through a shop. Counterclockwise. And sure enough, once you know this, you see it. All of them moving around counterclockwise. Like programmed drones. Scary.

But, in Ancient Hypergates counterclockwise would mean right…

What is going on here?

So far I have two theories.

Theory 1: In countries where people drive on the left hand side, shoppers move around clockwise. So, the Brits and the Australians have somehow managed to persuade the rest of us to follow their ways.

Theory 2: In Civil War left is ‘ours’, and with reason. It is a bit closer. We, slaves of habit, recognize the sort of similar layout in the new warzone, and react with; left is ours.

I tend towards theory 2, but I dislike it. If anyone can offer me a better one (doesn’t even need to be believable), I would be most grateful.

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