The raid that day was canceled, on very short notice. Quite rare. Somebody had an aunt’s birthday, something like that, announced that on the raid sheet in the morning and then others spontaneously decided they had better things to do as well. Vizp didn’t know this, he was on time, – ten minutes early – , and exploded when he found out that nothing was going to happen.

He completely exploded.

People were trying to sooth him. You know, an aunt’s birthday. Things happen.
‘Wtf, canceled,’ he started. ‘Do you even know what I canceled to be here? My girlfriend is in the hospital getting chemo. And I am here. For fucking nothing.’
‘What? Shouldn’t you be there then?’ I said.
‘I would have been, if I would have known that this stupid raid was not going to happen,’ he said.
‘You should be with her,’ I said.
After his chemo bomb, everybody had stopped typing. And Vizp had stopped now as well.
‘I mean, you know that, of course,’ I added.
‘That’s why I am so angry about the raid,’ he said.

He went offline.

After that, I have never seen him again. He disappeared.

In hindsight I hope, that my remarks didn’t come off as judgemental. It wasn’t meant that way. I wish I hadn’t said it at all. If things are rough, it can be absolutely necessary to have some hours that you think about nothing. About rotations. About a boss. To have a break from pain. To have a break from the things you cannot change.

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