Issues with Kurloc (post guildmeet)

Strangely enough, after the first couple of times of playing with Kurloc, he changed back to himself. Apparently my brain made a different category for rl Kurloc and virtual Kurloc and my Kurloc had come back to life again.

He had to do a quest and he needed a goblin warlock. I had one. I logged him, without thinking it through. Kurloc saw my guildtag. It was not my main, but it was my main’s guildtag. It was my real guild. My guild was known. And somewhat (understatement) notorious.

K: Lol <guildname>
P: Yeah. 🙂
K: So how you got in?
P: Long story.
(The story: I accidentally entered a battleground equipped with my fishing gear. Some dude commented on it, in a semi-rp-way, and I out-rp’ed him and his friend completely during the battle. He grinned and sent me a guild invite.)
K: Short story. You are a girl.
P: They didn’t know that.
K: Sure they did.
P: They didn’t.
K: Sure they did. You have it easy.
P: God. In what way…
K: You know in what way. A girl in an MMO. You just have to say you need something, and it’s yours. Guild invite, spot in a team, you got it.
P: It’s not like that.
K: It is.
P: No. I don’t think it’s an advantage. If there is an advantage, it is temporary at most.
K: So you play them.
P: I don’t play anybody.
K: Of course, you don’t. You’re different than other girls.
P: I am not different. It’s just not an advantage.
K: I can’t believe you say that.
P: I can’t believe you say that my guildees only play with me because I am female.
K: Because they do. Sorry, but they do.
P: They couldn’t possibly like me.
K: They like you alright, you’re a GIRL.

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