GD’s first theme week!

I’m excited to announce GD’s first theme week which will start day after tomorrow on Monday the 13th. We will be focusing on SWTOR, specifically Ranked PvP previous to patch 2.0. Below is what you can expect to see this coming week.

Monday 13th: 8v8 Ranked on TRE Part 1 (Why our server was better than yours) by Mylex
We are starting the week off by welcoming Mylex to the GD family with his first guest post. Interested in the player involvement needed to get ranked PvP in SWTOR off it’s feet I asked Mylex to share his experiences of ranked back in the days of 8v8.

Tuesday 14th: 8v8 Ranked on TRE Part 2 by Mylex
The end of Mylex story as well as some advice to anyone looking to try to make competitive PvP happen.

Thursday 16th: “Rules of conduct” and Ranked by Noctua
January 26th, 2013 members from RC, TWATS and ND held a meeting agreeing upon a list of rules that would improve the state of PvP which was suffering from heavy imbalance between classes. Yesterday I brought Mylex and Anthis to the GD TS and asked them questions about this occurrence. In this post we will go over what happened at the time as well as encourage a discussion about rules and agreements for ranked PvP in games like SWTOR.

Friday 17th: Twin piece about Leadership: Interview with RC GMs by Noctua
Here I interview GM and Co-GM of old Reality Check about what it means to be a guild leader. Rummel and Anthis have many times been criticised for the way they handled the running of the guild RC. In this post we hear their side of the story and dig deeper into the subject of leadership and how it translates from real life to in-game. This post is a Twin Piece in collaboration with Ravalation who on the same day will be posting the first part of her leadership interviews with PvE guilds, don’t forget to check that out!

Sunday 19th: History of TRE guilds – Reality Check by Canis
We end this theme week with our first post in the new “History of TRE guilds” series. We do this by getting some context and background of Reality Check. As a guild that has seen it’s fair share of drama, Reality Check has an interesting story to tell.

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